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Caldene Brushing Boots

Quality versatile brushing boot made from protective 7mm neoprene, specially designed strike pads and strong hook and loop fastenings. Supplied on a stylish reusable hanging board.

Caldene Fetlock Boot

The Caldene Fetlock Boot is suitable for most disciplines and offers protection to the fetlocks when a full boot on the hind legs may not be needed.

Euro-Star Boots Excellent Range Set of 4

Euro-Star Set of 4 Boots Excellent Range

John Whitaker Elite Tendon and Fetlock Boots

The new Whitaker rug collection by John Whitaker International embodies the striking blue and yellow Whitaker colour combinations with our new Whitaker crest logo. The tall shoulder gusset allows for greater freedom of movement for your horse.

John Whitaker Training Bandages

John Whitaker Training Bandages are ideal for training whilst being ridden. Keeps your horse's muscles warm and prevents injury.

LeMieux Pro Sport Mesh Brushing Boots

These LeMieux ProSport Contrast Mesh Brushing Boots are smart, quality boots ideal for both schooling and competition. These brushing boots are lightweight with a breathable inner lining and mesh outer to help keep the legs comfortable.

LeMieux Stealth Air Pro Sport XC Boot

LeMieux StealthAir Mark II Hind Boots The ruthlessly efficient XC boots that offer lightweight protection with 360 degrees air ventilation due to the unique microflex cage mesh. This type of boot offers shock absorption, tendon support & polycarbonate strike guards. Stealth have established a new standard in cross-country protection with a discrete look.

Masta Deluxe Open Tendon Boot

Masta Deluxe Open Front Tendon Boots are a great basic tendon boot at a super price, soft lined neoprene tendon boots with rounded soft edges and tough moulded outer to offer comfort as well as protection. Secured with elasticated straps with strong hook and loop fastening and a cover for security and to protect fastenings from getting dirty.