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Aliminium Mane Comb

A tough and durable horses mane comb that will last the test of time and make your horse look dazzling.

Butterfly Curry Comb

This butterfly curry comb is an ideal addition to any grooming kit. They can be used to massage horses muscles and to help remove loose hair and from the horse.

Cottage Craft Bandage

These Cottage Craft Stable Bandages are ideal for a range of purposes including protection in the stable, securing a poultice or dressing, or even when travelling.

Cottage Craft Fixed Elastic Girth

This Cottage Craft Standard girth with fixed elastic end comes with a buckle bag for easy washing. Made from tubular polyester with cotton interwoven on the inside to prevent chafing and rubbing.

Cottage Craft Grooming Kit Back Pack

An adult-sized grooming kit with a handy backpack to keep everything in one place. Includes sponge, small sweat scraper, dandy brush, body brush, mane comb, hoof pick and small plastic curry comb.

Cottage Craft Lead Rope

Cottage Craft Multi-coloured lead rope High quality mulit-coloured cotton leadropes with silver trigger clip

Cottage Craft Leg Wraps

The Cottage Craft Channel Quilt Leg Wraps are a versatile channel quilted leg pad. Soft and practical, these leg wraps are designed for the utmost comfort and support for your horse. With quilted cotton on the outside and towelling on the inside, these leg wraps are perfect for use under exercise bandages. Each pack contains 2 small and 2 large. Measurements: Small 40x30cm, Large 55x35cm.