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Equine America So Calm Liquid

As a top up to the So Kalm® solution we also do So Kalm paste 30ml for fast calming at shows and events. If something stronger is needed see SUPER SO KALM® POWDER 908gm

Equine America Super Fenn

SUPER-FENN - An effective support for tired and stiff joints with no known side effects. Use alongside Cortaflex for an ultimate all round, or pre-competition support for joint mobility.

Equine America Ventilator

Equine America Ventilator is a natural supplement which has been specially formulated with a unique selection of natural ingredients and herbs to provide support for a clear bronchial system while giving aid to all aspects of the respiratory system including the lungs and airways.

Global Herbs AirwayPlus

Our general purpose all round blend. A more economic product that is great for maintaining chests clear, soothing throats, maintaining normal mucus levels and normal breathing. It is slightly more effective for maintaining mucus at normal levels than the AirwayPlus Liquid and is more suitable for long term use and when pollen counts are high. AirwayPlus powder is sometimes useful in combination with PolleneX.

Global Herbs AirwayPlus Liquid

Global Herbs AirwayPlus Clear Breathing.

Global Herbs Alphabute

Global Herbs Alphabute Powder is a much more potent alternative to the use of products based on Devil's Claw. Provides nutritional help in only a few hours and supports the circulation to affected areas. Ideal for use with Movefree and StrongBone during the course of a herbal regime for the joints. Important for muscle and tendon comfort. Maintain your horse's mobility.

Global Herbs Flaxoil

Flax Oil is cold pressed, just like the finest olive oils, thus retaining the best nutritional value as well as flavour.

Global Herbs Flyfree

Global Herbs FlyFree Powder is an effective anti-fly feed supplement.