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Le Mieux Pro Sport Dressage SQ Plain D-Ring Strap

Designed for the active horse, offering style, durability and maximum fabric performance.

Le Mieux Teknique Fetlock Boots Stud

With the same freeform gel design as the Tendon Boots with elasticated stud fastening. Hardened PU shell protects from stress of jumping and turning.

Le Mieux Teknique Tendon Boots Stud

Combining a unique free form gel lining with high tensile mesh vents the LeMieux Teknique Tendon Boots offer you superior comfort and protection throughout performance. Finished with a tough PU leather palm for a great appearance.

Le Mieux Vogue Headcollar and Leadrope

A lovely soft halter featuring fleece inserts at the poll strap and nose band. These fleece inserts ensure even pressure distribution and are fitted with an extra padding for greatest possible wearing comfort. Cheek straps lined with fleece. Multi adjustable at the curb and poll strap (adjustable from both sides)

LeMieux Pro Sport Mesh Brushing Boots

These LeMieux ProSport Contrast Mesh Brushing Boots are smart, quality boots ideal for both schooling and competition. These brushing boots are lightweight with a breathable inner lining and mesh outer to help keep the legs comfortable.

LeMieux Stealth Air Pro Sport XC Boot

LeMieux StealthAir Mark II Hind Boots The ruthlessly efficient XC boots that offer lightweight protection with 360 degrees air ventilation due to the unique microflex cage mesh. This type of boot offers shock absorption, tendon support & polycarbonate strike guards. Stealth have established a new standard in cross-country protection with a discrete look.