We are passionate about both horses and the products we manufacture to keep them healthy, happy and performing at their very best. We love hearing your feedback, reviews and stories about how our products have helped your horses and ponies, and are proud to share them on this site, so others can see the results too. We believe in using only the best natural ingredients, all of which are fully traceable and combined to create unique formulas by our team of veterinarian scientists and nutritionists. The result is an extensive range of products; from joints, breathing, hooves, digestion and calming supplements, to silky mane & tail detanglers, super shampoos and luxury leather care - all of which are designed to offer you something for your horse's every need.


Our aim is to support your horse’s healthy joints

Joint health is an important factor for performance and leisure horses alike, because no matter what your horse’s vocation or age, all joints are, to a greater or lesser extent, subject to stress. Joints have benefitted from more scientific study than any other area of horse health, and as a consequence, there is a wealth of information available about the key nutrients known to support joint strength and flexibility. NAF’s range of joint supplements utilise these nutrients to create a range of products suitable for any horse of any age. Whether you want total comfort for your older horse, support for your active senior, or the best formulation for your performance horse, NAF have a joint product for you.

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Brighter Than White

Brighter than WhiteFor finishing touches that are brighter than white, flash into view with this brilliant easy to apply leg and body whitener. Prepare to be ILLUMINATED

Equi Clense

NAF NaturalintX EquiCleanse is designed for safe and effective wound management and is proven to kill 99.9% of all known germs. Formulated from naturally powerful grapefruit seed extract, it can be used either neat or diluted in water. EquiCleanse offers a veterinary level of hygiene when cleansing minor wounds or caring for superficial skin irritations. Directions for Use: Dilute approximately 75ml of EquiCleanse in a litre of clean water and use with NaturalintX Cotton Wool to gently clean the wound. May be used undiluted for direct application. Dress wound with NaturalintX Dressing or Poultice and Wrap.

Ice Cool Gel 2.5L

NAF Ice Cool Gel is a super cooling gel to cool and freshen your horse's legs after strenuous exercise or work on hard ground. Contains cooling agents to reduce body and muscle temperature.

Muck off

Stubborn stable stains mean nothing to this powerful formula. A little spray on the stain will lift it clean away and your horse or pony will be spotless. So even for those stains that seem impossible, it’s definitely worth a try. We haven’t found anything it can’t remove! So, please go ahead and try it. The results will be AMAZING!

NAF Apple Cider Vinegar

NAF Apple Cider Vinegar is used to support general health and vitality and is a traditional approach for the early stages of compromised joint function. NAF’s Apple Cider Vinegar is unpasteurised, meaning it retains all the natural goodness - known as the ‘Mother’ - stripped by the pasteurisation process of mass produced alternatives.

NAF Apple Treats

NAF Appy Treats are natural and have been formulated combining only the best quality ingredients including real apple so that you are now able to offer your horse a healthy and delicious treat. NAF Appy Treats are highly palatable to appeal to your horse. NAF Appy Treats are ideal to feed everyday or just now and again as a reward, as a training aid or simply to let him know how much you love him.

NAF Biotin Plus

NAF Biotin Plus contains methionine, MSM, zinc and calcium to maintain healthy hooves. Research tells us that supplementary biotin is recommended for supporting hoof health. Biotin provides 15mg biotin daily, ideal for everyday maintenance of healthy hooves. For horses and ponies with compromised hoof quality see PROFEET products. Biotin Plus is ideal for everyday maintenance of healthy hooves.

NAF Citronella Gel

Long lasting, effective Citronella gel for summer coats.