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Euro-Star Bandages Excellent Range 151

4 fleece bandages made of 12cm, high quality anti-pilling micro fl eece with Velcro fastening and exclusive application. Including bag. 100% Polyester

Firefoot Eldwick Economy Saddle Pad

Basic and simple, Firefoot branded foam filled economy saddle pad with polycotton outer.

Firefoot Silsden Classic Numnah

High quality polycotton numnah with an attractive rope braided piping. Great for everyday use. Attractive Firefoot text branding.


This traditional preparation is an invaluable mixture of herbs to help your horse’s defence (immune) system work effectively. This blend has so many more benefits than just echincea. It calms the mind, helps the body rebuild as well as powerfully supporting body defence.

Itch & Bite Cream

Soothes itching! (Itching is a normal way of part of life and this cream is an ideal way of maintaining normal function in such situations) We have now combined our ideas for Itch Cream and Bite Cream to create one product that performs both functions equally well. This combination cream is for all itching horses whether they have been bitten or not. Use this cream on specific itchy spots or on large areas with care. For use over large areas water can be added to make it easier to spread evenly in a thin layer. In summer use at the base of the dock or on the crest. It is designed to be used with Skratch feed supplement if there are more general concerns as it contains similar herbs to compliment this feed supplement.

Laminitis Prone Supplement

Traditionally laminae concerns are thought of as a nutritional issue. Nutrition is extremely important to the way the whole body works and Global Herbs can help you with this product LPS by maintaining normal digestion and therefore normal laminae. Normal digestion helps maintain normal hormonal levels. Thus correct nutrition is vital to horses and ponies that may be prone to laminitis. LPS is a nutritional supplement which helps horse maintain normal comfortable sensitive laminae.


Nutritional support for legs Any horse can get fat legs from time to time because of changes in the way that fluid under the skin circulates. LymphBlend is designed to provide nutrition to assist the normal process in which this fluid moves around the body, especially around the legs. If you are getting a lot of fluid after a wound, then you will need the quick input of your local vet straight away. However for general support in healthy horses and to assist the work of your local vet, with his or her permission, this formula can be very useful.

Mud X

Stay safe all winter. ....and get a wonderful shiny coat. Syrup – everyday use Powder – powerful solution Mud-X used in the feed gives your horse perfect shiny skin in even the worst conditions. If you worry about skin problems in muddy conditions and want a beautiful glossy coat then Mud-X is the product for you. It can be used at any time of year.